Nunya Card


When did it become okay for Susan from Fiscal to ask the status of your antibodies?

No need for awkward conversations. Just pull out your official Nunya Card and let Susan know your antibodies, hemorrhoids, bunions — even your chapped lips are none of her business.

Indeed, your personal health information is protected by federal law. But, if reminding someone of HIPAA is not enough, your card features the Official Seal of None of Your Business — wherein Lady Liberty shines the light of freedom on all those nosy heifers. In addition, the front is signed by Thomas Jefferson, Founder and CEO of Nunya.

Cards are approximately 3.4” x 2.2” and .3mm thick. Made of PVC plastic.

These cards are meant as satire and in no way guarantee people will stay out of your business. Hopefully, they will make you smile while your privacy is repeatedly assaulted in Starbucks, Sprouts, Costco, or anywhere else you dare to exist.

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